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The 14th China Children’s Industry Development Conference and China Brand Authorization Annual Meeting was held in March

2024 is a critical year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. The Central Economic Work Conference emphasized the need to adhere to the economic development requirements of “seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through advancement, and establishing first before breaking”.

In the new era, how to implement new concepts and build a new pattern? How to develop new models and cultivate new momentum? How to achieve symbiotic development and mutual benefit? Accelerating the formation of new productive forces is an important issue of common concern to the entire industry.

The 14th China Children’s Industry Development Conference and China Brand Licensing Annual Conference (referred to as the industry conference) hosted by the China Toys and Baby Products Association (referred to as the China Toys Association) will be held at the Dongguan Guest House from March 28 to 29, 2024. The theme of this industry conference is “Foreseeing New Symbiosis in 2024”.

The industry conference will invite leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions, leaders of local governments and industry associations in various production areas, as well as manufacturers, brands, licensees, and channel dealers in toys, baby products, preschool education, and brand licensing-related fields from all production areas across the country. Participate in the meeting with decision-makers of retail chain stores, take brand leadership and innovation as the development concept, gather the development power of cultural empowerment, explore new paths for high-quality development of the industry, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Conference positioning

This conference will focus on “domestic and international economic situation”, “stock competition”, “brand positioning”, “IP integration and development of new business formats”, “IP scenario-based innovation”, “trends and collectible toys overseas”, “grass planting + talent” and “private domain operations”. “New channels and traditional channels” and “preschool education development trends” are the main topics, interpreting national policies, releasing industry data, discussing hot issues, leading the development direction of the industry, and building a “symbiotic ecosystem”.

Highlights Express

1.Global Trend Forum

Focus on industrial policies and economic environment; explore innovative experiences in the fields of brand positioning, new media marketing, emotional economy and digital transformation; release annual data on toys, baby products, and brand licensing industries, and interpret industry trends.

2. Toys and Baby Products Innovation and Development Summit Forum

Analyze the implementation practices of enterprises in the fields of brand building, product innovation, precision marketing, private domain operations, channel layout, retail reform and other fields to build the core competitiveness of enterprises.

3. Trend and Collectible Toys Innovation and Development Summit Forum

Focusing on brand overseas, consumer emotional value, omni-channel system development, brand IP creation, and industry focus such as product design, quality control, and process flow, we will realize the leap-forward development of trendy and collectible toys.

4. The 17th China Brand Licensing Summit Forum

Share IP integration and development of new business formats, IP scenario-based innovation, and new practices in the field of IP brand licensing to empower the high-quality development of the real economy.

5.2024 China Preschool Education Development Conference

Interpret advanced preschool education concepts, share the latest topics such as personalized and diversified development of preschool education, integrated nursery practice, and capital empowerment of the preschool education industry, and explore new models of preschool education.

Meeting schedule

Registration is open | The 14th China Children's Industry Development Conference and China Brand Licensing Annual Conference will be held in March

Concurrent activities

CTJPA Ecosystem Exchange and Matchmaking Meeting

March 28th 18:30—21:00

Theme 1: Channel Ecosystem Exchange and Matchmaking Meeting. Leading channel distributors, manufacturers and brands in each category, as well as senior executives of new retail formats, discuss hot topics in the industry and explore cooperation.

Theme 2: STEAM and preschool education ecosystem exchange and matchmaking meeting. Founders and managers of STEAM education institutions, heads of early childhood education equipment companies, early childhood education distribution agents, and heads of cultural tourism sectors will conduct discussions on the innovative development of the integration of STEAM education and early childhood education. Face-to-face and in-depth communication.

Theme Three: Licensing Ecosystem Exchange and Matchmaking Meeting, well-known IPs at home and abroad will discuss cooperation with senior executives of toys, baby products, and fashion and collectible toy companies on-site.

Theme 4: Cross-border e-commerce ecosystem exchange and matching meeting. Toy and baby products companies will discuss trends and accurately connect with well-known cross-border e-commerce service platforms and cross-border e-commerce sales.

board meeting

March 29th 13:00—14:30

The 7th meeting of the 8th Council and the 8th meeting of the 8th Standing Council

One hour walking

March 27th 17:00—18:00

A one-hour walking event was held at Shuilianshan Reservoir. Starting from the Dongguan Guesthouse, a 6.5-kilometer walking competition was held along the Shuilianshan Reservoir. The winners received customized prizes for the event.

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