2024 To the new ten ask, industry conference chat together!

2024 To the new ten ask, industry conference chat together!

In 2023, my country’s economy will continue to rebound and improve, and many companies have achieved growth despite the trend, demonstrating strong resilience.

In 2024, the Central Economic Work Conference emphasized the need to adhere to the economic development requirements of “seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through promotion, and establishing first and then breaking”. How can companies go further and achieve breakthrough development?


Where is the answer?

The answer is here! From March 28th to 29th, the 14th China Children’s Industry Development Conference and China Brand Licensing Annual Conference (referred to as the industry conference) will help you explore more key issues and future trends in industry development.

Stride forward in the spring breeze, full of confidence towards the future.

The road to pursuing the “Stars and the Sea” is a “two-way journey”. We sincerely invite colleagues in the industry to chat in advance, share insights and perseverance, so that we can move forward with wisdom and start a new chapter together!

Chat content:

Industry colleagues are invited to choose one of the “Ten Questions to Start the New Year” to share.

Participation form:

1. In text form, please provide text content within 150 words and personal business photos.

2. In the form of video, please provide a narration video shot within 1 minute.

Release channel:

Your opinions will be published in the form of posters or short videos on the account matrix of the China Players Association’s all-media center, official website, official Weibo, video accounts, magazines and other platforms.

Content requirements:

1. Business photo specifications: Half-length photo in formal attire with solid color background. It is recommended to take it with professional equipment.

(Remarks: Photo quality is 2500X3500 pixels and 300dpi or above.)

2. Video specifications: Shooting with mobile phone horizontal screen, ratio 16:9, no less than 1080P, MP4 format.

(Remarks: 1. Indoor viewing is required as required, and there should be no other noise in the venue to ensure that people’s voices are clear and loud; use natural light as the main focus, try to use front light or side light to shoot, and avoid using backlight and top light. 2. Use front light uniformly. , the character scenes must be from the chest and above; please try to use high-quality/high-definition camera equipment and auxiliary fixing equipment such as tripods.)

Please package the above text, pictures and video materials into compressed files and send them to Thank you!

The China Children’s Industry Development Conference and the China Brand Licensing Annual Conference are hosted by the China Toys and Baby Products Association (referred to as the China Toy Association). With the theme of “Foreseeing New Symbiosis in 2024”, this industry conference will invite leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions, and various Leaders of local governments and industry associations in production areas, as well as decision-makers from manufacturers, brands, licensees, distributors and chain stores in the fields of toys, trendy toys, baby products, preschool education and brand licensing in various production areas across the country attended the meeting. Interpret national policies, release industry data, introduce innovative theories, share successful experiences, discuss hot issues, lead the direction of industry development, build a “symbiotic ecosystem”, and promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain.

On March 28th, let’s meet in China’s hipster capital, see you there!

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